December 1, 2011

1 Disember - Hari AIDS Sedunia

HIV or Human Immunodeficient Virus has been an outbreak in Health Science since the first discoveries of this disease in 1980's. Among citizen, HIV patient should be avoided to prevent any harm to infect him or herself. However, most don’t understand what HIV stands for actually, how it turn into AIDS and how it is transmitted?

As I remember in last summer semester, in Immunology; a subject that we took in university has explained how HIV works inside the human body. It is a very simple virus; a strip of gene enveloped by two types of glycoprotein. These two glycoprotein will bind to specific receptor on body cells which function to activate body immune response. HIV will take over the host (cell which it bind) and insert it's gene so that it's gene willreplicate and multiply in number. The process repeated over and over again, suppress one by one body line defense.

Roughly speaking, there are 2 stages once a patient is infected with HIV; HIV Serroconvulsion Illness and Asymptomatic Stage. HIV Serroconvulsion illness comes first where we could see the infected person gain rashes, malaise or a fever due to drastic immune suppression. By time, there'll be a steady state between virus production and immune cell death. During these time, infected person usually do not realize his or her body is fighting coming infection with depressed immune system.

After certain period of time, when immune cell counts depressed at a very low level, with multiple infection without effective counterback action, there'll be acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS).


World Health Organization has announced 1st December is a World AIDS Day to enhance awareness among world citizen about AIDS. About 34 million people gained AIDS since the first case was reported and more than two third come from developing country. Most of them are still don’t know what is HIV and AIDS.

Since 2008, the campaign has stressed the goal to stop AIDS with the theme;

Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise – Leadership “Lead-Empower-Deliver” (2008),

Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise – Universal Access and Human Right (2009) and

Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise – Universal Access and Human Right (2010).

This year, the tagline is 'Getting to Zero' which aim on zero new HIV infection and zero discrimination of human right on these infected patient.

Until now, only one third out of 15 million living HIV-infected people are receiving their life long treatment. Many still don’t have good job, safe shelter and good environment to make them feel life as a normal human.

This year campaign also has outline 10 goals to be achieved by 2015.

· Sexual transmission of HIV reduced by half, including among young
people,men who have sex with men and transmission in the context of
sex work;

· Vertical transmission of HIV eliminated and AIDS-related maternal
deaths reduced by half;

· All new HIV infections prevented among people who use drugs.

· Universal access to antiretroviral therapy for people living with HIV
who are eligible for treatment;

· TB deaths among people living with HIV reduced by half;

· All people living with HIV and households affected by HIV are
addressed in all national social protection strategies and have
access to essential care and support.

· Countries with punitive laws and practises around HIV transmission,
sex work, drug use or homosexuality that block effective responses
reduced by half ;

· HIV-related restrictions on entry, stay and residence eliminated in
half of the countries that have such restrictions;

· HIV-specific needs of women and girls are addressed in at least half
of all national HIV responses;

· Zero tolerance for gender-based violence.

And that was the story in Africa. In USA for example if we want to take a look on developed country, they have launched an intervention program called High-Impact Prevention Program which set it's prevention and control program based on below:

· Cost-effective interventions

· A focus on activities that can be brought to full-scale in the targeted population

· The right combination of interventions for the targeted population

· Prioritized programs that will have the maximum impact on reducing new HIV infections

They reported that 1.2 million of it's citizen is living in environment that has high exposure to HIV while 50,000 are reported as HIV-infected person.

There are group of people that will continuously develop cure for HIV-infected patient and raise awareness among world citizen to keep away from HIV.

Personally, I would like to finish this article with 10 verses from Surah al-Mu'minun:

1. Sungguh Beruntung Orang-orang yang Beriman

2. (yaitu) Orang yang khusyuk dalam solatnya

3. danOrang yang menjauhkan diri (daripada perbuatan dan perkataan) yang tidak berguna

4. dan Orang yang Menunaikan Zakat

5. dan Orang yang memelihara kemaluannya

6. Kecuali Terhadap Isteri-isteri Mereka atau Hamba Sahaya yang Mereka Miliki, Maka Sesungguhnya Mereka Tidak Tercela.

7. Tetapi barangsiapa yang Mencari di Sebali itu (zina dan sebagainya), Maka Mereka Itulah Orang-orang yang Melampaui Batas.

8. Dan (Sungguh Beruntung) Orang-oarang yang memelihara Amanat-amanat dan Janjinya

9. Serta Orang yang memelihara Solatnya

10. Mereka Itulah Orang-orang yang akan mewarisi.


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