December 17, 2011

Some Inspiration

After watching a recent video about media justice- and the need for more women role models to out shine diminishing roles media has constantly portrayed about women, I tend to agree. 

You can't be what you can't see. This is their slogan that they emphasize. Believing that the media hasn't portrayed the positive kind of role models for society to see, especially about women. It has always been about the face, the body, the good looks. Why so little emphasis on leadership skills, confidence, opinions, seeking knowledge and resilience. 

Women have always been portrayed with such demented images- super heroes only wear night clothes for battle, there will always be someone giving up herself for some guy one way or another...and don't let me get started on all the emotional mess ups they try to say women can't handle. 

Women are stronger than what the media portray. And as a women myself, I tend to agree that it is a very discouraging factor to not see women do the right thing, and watch them be so 'weak'. We need positive displays people! Positive! 

Here are five of my recent inspirations. Non-muslims, that live totally different lives from me, but I admire what they do to bring them where they are. There's nothing wrong with taking what's positive. I pray that one day, God gives them the opportunity and guidance to be under His grace. 

1. Lisa Ling

Ok, the first time I've ever seen her, was on Oprah. She was doing a story about child molesters, and the horrors she told on stage were really grim and intense. I saw her doing many more cool stories on various topics after that. The way she tells her stories are always so deep. And she has such a spotless record, that it impressed me, as a carrier woman she can be so motivated to help people. I really wish I could one day be brave enough to go around the world and find the truth- like her. 

2. J.K. Rowling 

I better many would say, oh here comes a Harry Potter lover. But before I really read the book, I heard about her from my dad. Who told me she wrote a book based on an idea while riding on a train. After reading and following her story years later. I found out she wrote the book during a divorce, jobless, and at the darkest moment of her life- coming to terms with the death of her mother. Recently, I read stories and reviews about her book that discussed her ultimate theme. Who could have ever guessed that what started as a children's book, is actually talking about death, the fear of meeting it...and letting go.

3. Aung San Suu Kyi 

I can't remember the first time or the first story I heard about her. Because ever since I have heard about her, she seems to be fighting for something all the time. Burma's number one leading lady against the junta. Supporting the people's rights through non-violence. At first I wondered if she was some kind of dictator, but reading about her some more, she was no more than a woman of strong spirit. She endured a lot of suffering and separation from her family, which I think is the worst for any woman. Though I've read about her before, only now have I actually realized how graceful and courageous she truly is. Her remembered words, 

"No junta can be stronger than a people's yearning to be free." Talk about woman power. 

4. Robin Lim

I follow CNN's top hero stories, and hers affected me the most. Being a volunteer midwife, I would never have had the courage to help women, for free, in such a way. Her story is mostly similar to Katherine Hall-Trujillo (also on the 'top 21 women in the 21st century' list). Who invented the "sisterly support" for pregnant women, giving care for the mothers through out pregnancy. But Robin devotes herself to the needy in Indonesia. Imagine, health care for babies and pregnant women for free. Such personnel sacrifice, makes her a hero. Especially to me. 

5. Rachel Simmons 

She's co-founder for 'The Girl Leadership' institute, I watched a video of her talking about the importance of learning and gaining new skills through building relationships. Since then, I've just been hooked on her! Though you don't really need masculine skills to be a strong person, I find that her way of empowering women through young ages as girls, teaching them to say no and standing up for yourself...really makes me think about my mom. And she's got really cool tips on how to be confident and be a positive leader. 

So here they are, some of the women in the world whom have recently inspire me. I have a lot of Muslim women whom I admire too (I keep wanting to say Sarah Joseph haha), but I'll show that in my next post! 

So, who are some non-muslims that inspire you? 

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