August 24, 2011

The art of apology

Alhamdulillah, a semester has come to the end. The exams finished but the marks has not been installed yet. There's still space for hope. Hope to have good mark.

Essentially, when we come to the end, we are not thought to forget it. Rather than that,as Muslim, we are thought to perform the best on the next tasks,aren't we?

Still you remember in Sur As-Syarh, verse 7 and 8?

So when thou art relieved, still toil (7) And strive to please thy Lord. (8)

This two verses always found me after finishing big tasks. Sometimes it comes as a motivation for me, and sometimes it comes as a message to tell me; 'Kauthar, you have done well, alhamdulillah. So this is another stone for you to step up, to do better'.

I have no doubt that every one of us is just like me. At the eleventh hour of exam, many status were posted on facebook reminding each other to keep hoping and strive to the end. Many dua' are recited signing that we are all put the biggest hope in Allah.

Then, it come to the exam and after a few moment, it was all over. The answers submitted with the greatest tawakal to Allah. We step out the exam hall, looking to each other with grin on face and feww…(relieved).

But let me remind us something that this is never end path. We finish the exams, we end the semester but the knowledge should be continuously grow up. We are going to recall the ideas of what we've learnt from past semester on the next semester, so on and so on.

So, are we already prepared for that? Do we have intention that by finishing a substantial task, we should look back to what we have done, how far we have shoot and how it could be better.

I call it the art of apology.

The art of apology has three simple steps but to perform the act is not that simple;

First, say 'I am sorry'

Second, say 'I realise I made a mistake'

And third, 'How I could make it better?'

If we have perform great on our last semester, so please say 'Yeay!' to ourselves.It was a great strive to go on through a long way distant with smooth walk in.We all believe, a semester comprised of 6 subjects at least, some come with internal lab and some come with external lab. So, each subject comes with 2 to 3 exams. Sometimes the exams come in a bunch and some come in consecutive weeks. So give reward to ourselves if the semester is well done but remember, there is still room for improvement.

If we still unsatisfied with what we have done through the semester or the come out of the semester, I recommend to apply the art of apology. Let try to imply it together.

First, say sorry to the semester on what we have done. It is a heart broken, isnt it?

Second, please realize neither victory nor failure come with no reason. So, take the responsibility that you cause the result with Allah's permission.

So now, think about how we could make the coming semester better? Make a long list on what we have done, which one is good deed and pick up wrong act. Then, make a timeline that realistic with us, put all story board together and choose which scene are we going to make an improvement…err…could you get along with me until here?

I mixed up.

Ok, it doest matter. Here in MMJ, we proudly announce that we are going keen with our goal this year; making everyone accomplish next academic year safely.

Simply, as the first step, we would like to have the survey questionnaire completed by the batch of JUST 09 and JUST 10. So, we could be more focus on our act later. The plan just need to be put on action but still, we in MMJ together with academic team from each batch would like to have a clear guideline on how we could drive the academic environment better.

So with full hope, MMJ would glad to have you fulfill this impressive questionnaire.

Your Potential, Our Passion

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